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Cravings or boredom? - Everythings going to be allright...
Cravings or boredom?
Been at work a few hours and its a dull day. Reading lots of things about smoking, but really trying to find peoples personal diaries of minute by minute quitting revelations. Theres a ton of the same stupid list making the rounds out there. Its the one that starts with "your blood pressure returns to normal after 20 minutes." Its all BS. Or rather, as any smoker who has tried to quit, your blood pressure goes THROUGH THE ROOF when you are trying to quit, using any method at all.
I think the reality is that when you smoke, little demons shred your body parts slowly; so slowly you don't even notice. And when you stop, the demons are calling out for you to do more damage. The problem is that you are healing, but the healing is so slow you barely notice.
I am jonesing in a big way right now, but not really jonesing for a cigarette. Just Jonesing to get better. Took a walk outside for a bit like a cigarette break, but just a fresh air break.
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