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Day 3, sorta - Everythings going to be allright...
Day 3, sorta
Since I had 3 cigarettes on Friday, including my "final one ever", today is the real day 3 of not smoking. Nothings ever easy. Last night came with visiting a friend who was not seriously injured, but was at the emergency room for a heart flutter. After I left, I definately wanted a cigarette, but avoided. Of course, since the cigarettes themselves cause the stress, I was actually more relaxed hanging out with her inside the hospital without needing to smoke.
With the cutting back and eventual quit, I have not smoked 140 cigarettes over the last couple of weeks. Think about that. What if that was slices of cheese you ate instead? What if it was burgers, or cookies or cupcakes? No way you would eat that many of anything, yet 20 to 40 cigarettes for most people are normal.
I am still waiting for benefits to come in. So far for me, I still have only slightly less sinus pressure. As I said, I have so many things wrong, it was probably take awhile to have things help. I am hacking up brown stuff as if I just smoked five minutes ago. I can't really gauge my energy as I was woken up a buncha times last night.
Found another great free quit resource here...
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hellakitty From: hellakitty Date: April 19th, 2011 09:14 am (UTC) (Link)
go go go Evan! You can do it :)
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