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Still holding out - Everythings going to be allright...
Still holding out
Because I cheated on day one which was last Friday, I'm not sure whether to call today day four or day five. A couple of weeks ago I went to my chiropractor who did some acupunture stuff on me that caused me to cut back to half my "normal" cigarettes for 8 days. During those 8 days there were many moments I was amazing to find I didn't need to smoke. One day though, I got woken up early and I was "stressed" I wasnt able to get back to sleep and boom, back to a pack a day instanstly. A few days later I finished the Carr book and took the plunge.

Its amazing how many daily symptoms you can have that you KNOW are caused by smoking, yet still smoke.
Every day as a smoker you wake up with some form of sore throat. So you wake up and go smoke and somehow it feels better, even though you are basically scratching an itch with fire. My other symptoms include a crippling bout with LPR, aka laryngopharyngeal reflux which can consist of a dry cough, chronic throat clearing and a sensation of something being stuck in the throat which leads to horrible choking sensation panic attacks. Other things I had but didnt really know I had or have: Low libido, random aches and pains, allergies and sinus problems, lethargy and no doubt it made my existing sleep apnea worse.

I've been feeling so bad that it will probably take me longer than many for my body to unravel the things I have done to it. It only takes two days for the sense of taste and smell to come back, but I can only sense that once in awhile because my nose is too stuffed up. Yesterday I started to get the random nerve tickles. This is from my blood flowing better. I read that because my resting heart rate will slow, I can look forward to a month of feeling lethargic, until I get used to it, at which point I will feel more energetic than ever.

Wish my stuffiness would get better. Hard to tell whats going on with me exactly...
If I make it through today, which I will...I will have gone a whole workweek without smoking at work!
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