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Tingly and euphoric - Everythings going to be allright...
Tingly and euphoric
Still cigarette free. Amongst my major symptoms pre quit were sinus pressure including ear pressure and heartburn. Today got some tingles all over and some euphoria. Heard this is normal as my circulation improves. Ear pressure still there. At time can smell better than ever, but then it goes away due to ongoing stuffiness.

Wanted to reflect on all the things I have done since the last week of November and first got the reflux, rather than just quitting smoking.
Trips to two different drs and a naturopath.
Tons of decongestants
3 rounds of antibiotics
DGL Licorice
Ginger Chews
Ginger Tea
Magnesium powder
Freeze dried black raspberries
BHL (hydrochloric acid)
Digestive Enzymes
Nasal Irrigation
"food combining" diet
Gluten Free Diet
Cough drops
I think theres more, totalling over a grand no doubt. Some are a lot of work, which I would rather do than quitting smoking. Hope my symptoms actually go away..
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