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Day Fifty - Everythings going to be allright...
Day Fifty
Today is day fifty of my quitting smoking. Fifty times twenty cigarettes per day equals ONE THOUSAND CIGARETTES NOT SMOKED. In only fifty days.
My lungs still feel gunky and at certain times I hack up stuff.
My libido had increased....a LOT, but that has calmed down a bit. It also feels like a certain part of me is larger. Ha.
I nicked myself shaving and my blood was definately thinner and redder.
I still have the tingling pins and needles feeling in my arms and legs, which moves around and varies in intensity.
I still have my LPR symptoms and my heartburn may actually be worse, but this is common.
I have a new "symptom", hot flashes. This is common in both men and women apparantly, but people don't like to talk about it.
I am restless and energetic. I spontaniously walk places I would have waited for the bus or subway with in the past. My mind is racing a million miles an hour at times.
When I drink, I have less hangovers. More oxygen in my blood I guess.
I still crave cigarettes now and then, but am able to resist. I can even hang outside with smokers no problem.
I am having some problems sleeping, which is also common. Funny that your heart is actually going slower after you quit, but you have a lot of energy.
Happy with the choice for sure. I feel more relaxed when I am out in general, not having to figure out how I am going to smoke twenty cigarettes a day. Its kind of hard to believe that it really was easy and enjoyable to quit like Allan Carr said in his book. It feels like a real accomplishment.
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