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Everythings going to be allright...
Today is day fifty of my quitting smoking. Fifty times twenty cigarettes per day equals ONE THOUSAND CIGARETTES NOT SMOKED. In only fifty days.
My lungs still feel gunky and at certain times I hack up stuff.
My libido had increased....a LOT, but that has calmed down a bit. It also feels like a certain part of me is larger. Ha.
I nicked myself shaving and my blood was definately thinner and redder.
I still have the tingling pins and needles feeling in my arms and legs, which moves around and varies in intensity.
I still have my LPR symptoms and my heartburn may actually be worse, but this is common.
I have a new "symptom", hot flashes. This is common in both men and women apparantly, but people don't like to talk about it.
I am restless and energetic. I spontaniously walk places I would have waited for the bus or subway with in the past. My mind is racing a million miles an hour at times.
When I drink, I have less hangovers. More oxygen in my blood I guess.
I still crave cigarettes now and then, but am able to resist. I can even hang outside with smokers no problem.
I am having some problems sleeping, which is also common. Funny that your heart is actually going slower after you quit, but you have a lot of energy.
Happy with the choice for sure. I feel more relaxed when I am out in general, not having to figure out how I am going to smoke twenty cigarettes a day. Its kind of hard to believe that it really was easy and enjoyable to quit like Allan Carr said in his book. It feels like a real accomplishment.
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I was hoping to post stuff to help out other folks who are quitting smoking with a day to day scorecard on how I am feeling and what to expect, but I am too frazzled and distracted by other things to post. I guess I am not self involved enough.

So I have not had a cigarette in 22 days. The day before that I had 3 cigarettes on my quit day. I am still experiencing my "LPR" reflux symptoms. This means I have a stuck in the throat feeling, refered to as globus, sinus pressure, allergy like symptoms, even a feeling of difficulty breathing with leads to panic attacks. I had this since November, well before I quit.
There are a number of other things going on with my life that also make it difficult to assess exactly how I feel on any given day. My long term girlfriend broke up with me. I also go out often and drink, a lot. I've been woken up early for numerous occasions of late, so its hard to determine things like how am I sleeping.
On that note, my observations: I still feel like I quit yesterday and the "itch" in my throat still feels unscratchable. Longtime smokers may recognize that saying, like you are scratching an itch in your throat, even though you know the itch is caused by smoking damage.

I am coughing up really dark phleghm at times, but it doesnt really feel like it makes my breathing easier. Energy seems improved on some level. My allergy like symptoms keep me from utilizing the super smell I have. Once in a while, the supersmell and taste come to the forefront. Libido is better for sure. I still get the tingly feeling of my nerves coming back to life.
Ill try to give more updates....
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Actually been nearly a week since my last post. Still not smoking, but it still feels like I just quit yesterday. My LPR is acting up a lot, so its all about the reflux. Hoping to someday be normal. Lots of tingles as my capilaries come back to life. Thats pretty scary. Still feels like tons of gunk stuck in my lungs and that my throat is raw.
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one of my dj gigs without smoking. Its a big accomplishment. Was certainly jonesing at times, and even hung out with smokers, but avoided taking a puff. Tried to get a couple of smokers to join me.
LPR symptoms are definately a bit less and I ate a ton, including a half a pound of sweets from Venarios italian pastry shop. Still feel like I stopped smoking yesterday. Still stuffy, raw throat. One strange difference, used to hack up light brown stuff all the time; now hacking up almost black goo! Guess that must be....good?? Feels like I could hack things up for months and still not be done..
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actually didnt smoke, or bring cigarettes to work for a full week. Now its my weekend. Almost ready for bed tonight. Didnt smoke, though was definately tempted. So four full days with no smoking. Wish I had more of the euphoria feeling. ha. Still have occasional tingles and some aggitation. I think my raspy voice from the lpr is almost better, though I still have swollen glands and the raw throat from it. Also had minor heartburn. Of course, I did eat crappier today because I actually think I'm getting a lot better fast.
180 Cigarettes not smoked since the cutdown a few weeks ago. 9 packs, over 100 bucks.....
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Still cigarette free. Amongst my major symptoms pre quit were sinus pressure including ear pressure and heartburn. Today got some tingles all over and some euphoria. Heard this is normal as my circulation improves. Ear pressure still there. At time can smell better than ever, but then it goes away due to ongoing stuffiness.

Wanted to reflect on all the things I have done since the last week of November and first got the reflux, rather than just quitting smoking.
Trips to two different drs and a naturopath.
Tons of decongestants
3 rounds of antibiotics
DGL Licorice
Ginger Chews
Ginger Tea
Magnesium powder
Freeze dried black raspberries
BHL (hydrochloric acid)
Digestive Enzymes
Nasal Irrigation
"food combining" diet
Gluten Free Diet
Cough drops
I think theres more, totalling over a grand no doubt. Some are a lot of work, which I would rather do than quitting smoking. Hope my symptoms actually go away..
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Because I cheated on day one which was last Friday, I'm not sure whether to call today day four or day five. A couple of weeks ago I went to my chiropractor who did some acupunture stuff on me that caused me to cut back to half my "normal" cigarettes for 8 days. During those 8 days there were many moments I was amazing to find I didn't need to smoke. One day though, I got woken up early and I was "stressed" I wasnt able to get back to sleep and boom, back to a pack a day instanstly. A few days later I finished the Carr book and took the plunge.

Its amazing how many daily symptoms you can have that you KNOW are caused by smoking, yet still smoke.
Every day as a smoker you wake up with some form of sore throat. So you wake up and go smoke and somehow it feels better, even though you are basically scratching an itch with fire. My other symptoms include a crippling bout with LPR, aka laryngopharyngeal reflux which can consist of a dry cough, chronic throat clearing and a sensation of something being stuck in the throat which leads to horrible choking sensation panic attacks. Other things I had but didnt really know I had or have: Low libido, random aches and pains, allergies and sinus problems, lethargy and no doubt it made my existing sleep apnea worse.

I've been feeling so bad that it will probably take me longer than many for my body to unravel the things I have done to it. It only takes two days for the sense of taste and smell to come back, but I can only sense that once in awhile because my nose is too stuffed up. Yesterday I started to get the random nerve tickles. This is from my blood flowing better. I read that because my resting heart rate will slow, I can look forward to a month of feeling lethargic, until I get used to it, at which point I will feel more energetic than ever.

Wish my stuffiness would get better. Hard to tell whats going on with me exactly...
If I make it through today, which I will...I will have gone a whole workweek without smoking at work!
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Since I had 3 cigarettes on Friday, including my "final one ever", today is the real day 3 of not smoking. Nothings ever easy. Last night came with visiting a friend who was not seriously injured, but was at the emergency room for a heart flutter. After I left, I definately wanted a cigarette, but avoided. Of course, since the cigarettes themselves cause the stress, I was actually more relaxed hanging out with her inside the hospital without needing to smoke.
With the cutting back and eventual quit, I have not smoked 140 cigarettes over the last couple of weeks. Think about that. What if that was slices of cheese you ate instead? What if it was burgers, or cookies or cupcakes? No way you would eat that many of anything, yet 20 to 40 cigarettes for most people are normal.
I am still waiting for benefits to come in. So far for me, I still have only slightly less sinus pressure. As I said, I have so many things wrong, it was probably take awhile to have things help. I am hacking up brown stuff as if I just smoked five minutes ago. I can't really gauge my energy as I was woken up a buncha times last night.
Found another great free quit resource here...
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Been at work a few hours and its a dull day. Reading lots of things about smoking, but really trying to find peoples personal diaries of minute by minute quitting revelations. Theres a ton of the same stupid list making the rounds out there. Its the one that starts with "your blood pressure returns to normal after 20 minutes." Its all BS. Or rather, as any smoker who has tried to quit, your blood pressure goes THROUGH THE ROOF when you are trying to quit, using any method at all.
I think the reality is that when you smoke, little demons shred your body parts slowly; so slowly you don't even notice. And when you stop, the demons are calling out for you to do more damage. The problem is that you are healing, but the healing is so slow you barely notice.
I am jonesing in a big way right now, but not really jonesing for a cigarette. Just Jonesing to get better. Took a walk outside for a bit like a cigarette break, but just a fresh air break.
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Using Allan Carrs Book, the Easy Way to quit smoking, I have been smoke free for 24 hours. I survived a bar visit without smoking last night.
A couple of weeks ago I cut back from a pack to ten cigarettes for 8 days. I was impressed at all the moments I would normally smoke but chose not to. During those 8 days, I didn't smoke 4 packs or 80 cigarettes. Now I have not bought cigarettes in two days, though I did smoke 3 a couple days ago, but still, thats 120 cigarettes I have not smoked.
I have gone to work 2 days in a row without carrying cigarettes with me. I have not been without cigarettes on me for over a decade. I quit for a few years during one relationship and like a dummy, started up again when it was over.
The evil thing about cigarettes is you think you are getting enjoyment out of them, when you are not.
You find them social, but you are more likely to be anti-social by leaving a social interaction to smoke.
The range of smoking illnesses come on so slowly that you do not see how badly you are effected.
They can make you sick and even though you know they are making you sick, you still smoke them.
Looking back now, I am thinking that the smoking was a leading contributor to the loss of my last two relationships with libido loss. I'm thinking if they spoke more about that, fewer would smoke.
So anyway, between last weeks cut back, and yesterdays not smoking:
My throat has a kind of raw feeling, almost like I smoked dozens of cigarettes.
One of my many symptoms, sinus pressure that was giving me a spacey feeling is slightly less today. I feel a little more in touch with my body.
Last night, even though I was stuffy, I was catching whiffs of many smells, pleasant and awful.
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