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Actually made it one real day - Everythings going to be allright...
Actually made it one real day
Using Allan Carrs Book, the Easy Way to quit smoking, I have been smoke free for 24 hours. I survived a bar visit without smoking last night.
A couple of weeks ago I cut back from a pack to ten cigarettes for 8 days. I was impressed at all the moments I would normally smoke but chose not to. During those 8 days, I didn't smoke 4 packs or 80 cigarettes. Now I have not bought cigarettes in two days, though I did smoke 3 a couple days ago, but still, thats 120 cigarettes I have not smoked.
I have gone to work 2 days in a row without carrying cigarettes with me. I have not been without cigarettes on me for over a decade. I quit for a few years during one relationship and like a dummy, started up again when it was over.
The evil thing about cigarettes is you think you are getting enjoyment out of them, when you are not.
You find them social, but you are more likely to be anti-social by leaving a social interaction to smoke.
The range of smoking illnesses come on so slowly that you do not see how badly you are effected.
They can make you sick and even though you know they are making you sick, you still smoke them.
Looking back now, I am thinking that the smoking was a leading contributor to the loss of my last two relationships with libido loss. I'm thinking if they spoke more about that, fewer would smoke.
So anyway, between last weeks cut back, and yesterdays not smoking:
My throat has a kind of raw feeling, almost like I smoked dozens of cigarettes.
One of my many symptoms, sinus pressure that was giving me a spacey feeling is slightly less today. I feel a little more in touch with my body.
Last night, even though I was stuffy, I was catching whiffs of many smells, pleasant and awful.
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